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Pastoral Emergencies: 908-722-9265


Church School

Our Goals

To provide a carefully balanced Christian Education program designed for our children, to reinforce our Episcopal/Anglican heritage and the practices of worship and living that accompany it. To offer a supportive and patient learning environment in order to foster development of these Christian principles and practices in our children.
To create a stronger and more visible relationship between our parent(s) and their children) in the regular practice of their Christian faith, in order to bring us all into a closer personal and corporate relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord, learning to love God and our neighbors as ourselves.

The parish Sunday School has enrollment available to all children from age 3 to grade 9.

For information contact the Parish Office at 908-722-1250
Email : mtrautman@stjohnsomerville.org

Christian Formation and Education


We must be serious about the task of Christian formation and Christian Education through our Church School and the sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation. Our children and youth must come to see themselves in a sort of master apprentice relationship with older Christians, in which the young look over the shoulders of those who are attempting to be Christian in today’s world.


Christian education is important. Christian modeling is important. Christian Baptism is important. But Christian education in its own unique way should provide opportunities for developing believers to model their lives upon those who dedicate their lives to faith and teaching.


It should also encourage all Christians from this community of faith, to realize that we have the sacred responsibility to fashion our lives and thoughts upon distinctively Christian convictions.


Please pray for our Church School program, teachers and children.