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Church School

Our Goals

To provide a carefully balanced Christian Education program designed for our children, to reinforce our Episcopal/Anglican heritage and the practices of worship and living that accompany it. To offer a supportive and patient learning environment in order to foster development of these Christian principles and practices in our children.
To create a stronger and more visible relationship between our parent(s) and their children) in the regular practice of their Christian faith, in order to bring us all into a closer personal and corporate relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord, learning to love God and our neighbors as ourselves.

The parish Sunday School has enrollment available to all children from age 3 to grade 9.

For information contact the Parish Office at 908-722-1250
Email : mtrautman@stjohnsomerville.org

Christian Formation and Education, 2023-2024 School Year


Register for Church School here.


We will be taking a new approach to education/formation here at St John’s. In some ways it is an experiment as we try to adapt and find new ways to live into Christ’s command to teach our young students. Too many Sundays come and go when few students attend Church School class on Sunday morning because of sports and other activities in their lives. But some are available on Sunday afternoons and have expressed interest.

Here is the plan:

  • On the first Sunday of the month, all students will be in Church where they are invited to participate by serving as an usher, acolyte, lay reader, chorister, and the like. We will begin on Sunday, October 1.
  • On the second Sunday of the month, all students will report to the downstairs Chapel for “Children’s Chapel” with Fr. Ron from 10 am to 10:10 am. Following that, students will go to their respective classrooms for instruction. Students will join their families in Church, and the rest of the congregation, after “The Peace.” We will begin on Sunday, October 8.
  • On the third Sunday of the month, Church School will be held from 4 pm to 5 pm with instruction and activity. At 5 pm, there will be an informal intergenerational pot-luck supper in the Parish Hall. All are welcome! Please come! Invite a friend or neighbor. There will be a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board so that we will know how many to prepare for. We will begin on Sunday, October 15.
  • There will be no Class or offered instruction on the fourth or fifth Sunday of the month.


As of this writing, the following adults have signed up to be teacher captains who will in turn teach on occasion so it matches the reality of their own busy lives: Tracey Jameson, Michelle Hernandez, Taffy Scherr. Kelly and Brian Hamer will serve as consultants.


Remember: The role of St. John’s has always been to care for the church’s community members so that they are faithful in their own ministry of the Lord. With that being said, those who are able to teach other members of the church who are uneducated should. —Father Ron